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Staff Id : 15597
Department : Computer and Information Science
Qualification : M.C.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Specialization : Big Data, NLP, Networking
Date of Birth : 01-04-1981
Date of Joining : 26-03-2009
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M.Phil./M.E./M.Sc. 64
Ph.D. 01

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List of Publications - International
Ramachandran R, Dr. K. Arutchelvan, "ArRaNER: A novel named entity recognition model for biomedical literature documents.", Journal of Supercomputing (Springer) -ISSN: 0920-8542, Volume 78, Number 14, Sep 2022, pp. 16498-16511. 2022/
Ramachandran. R.,Dr. K. Arutchelvan, "A Named Object Recognition Model of Health Records Using Improved Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm and Kernel Extreme Learning Machine.", NeuroQuantology (Scopus) ISSN: 1303-5150, Volume 20, Number 8, Jul 2022, pp. 7906-7914. 2022/doi:10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44816.
Dr. R. Ramachandran, Dr. K. Arutchelvan, "Recognition of Named Entities in Biomedical Literature Documents Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.", Journal Journal of Optoelectronics Laser(Scopus), Volume 41, Number 11, Nov 2022, pp. 122-127. 2022.
Dr.R. Ramachandran & Dr. K. Arutchelvan, "An Effective Social Spider Optimization Algorithm for the Medical Named Entity Recognition Model in the Healthcare Sector Authors.", Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems(Scopus), Volume 28, Number 11, Nov 2022, pp. 769-775. 2022.
Dr.K. Arutchelvan, R.Ramachandran, "TLBIONER: TRANSFER LEARNING BASED NAMED ENTITY RECOGNITION ON MEDICAL LITERATURE DOCUMENTS..", Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering (Scopus) ISSN: 0976-5166, Volume 12, Number 5, Oct 2021, pp. 1470-1476. 2021/
R Ramachandran, Dr.K Arutchelvan, "An Efficient Named Entity Recognition Model in Medical Health Records using Water Wave Optimization with Kernel Extreme Learning Machine.", Design Engineering(Scopus), Volume 2021, Number 7, Aug 2021, pp. 8564-8580. 2021.
Ramachandran R.,Dr.K. Arutchelvan, ""Named Entity Recognition On BioMedical Literature Documents Using Hybrid Based Approach.".", Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (Springer) ISSN: 1868-5145, Volume open access, Number open access, Mar 2021, pp. 1-10. 2021/
Ramachandran R.,Dr.K. Arutchelvan.,R. Senthamizh Selvan, "Named Entity Recognition using Ensemble Learning.", International Research Journal on Advanced Science Hube (ISSN 2582-4376), Volume 2, Number 7, Jul 2020, pp. 44-48. 2020/10.47392/irjash.2020.63.
List of Conferences - International
Ramachandran, R.,Dr.K. Arutchelvan, Grey Wolf Optimizer with Conditional Random Fields for Healthcare Related Medical Named Entity Recognition Model, nternational Conference on IoT Based Control Networks & Intelligent Systems - ICICNIS 2020, Dec 10-11, 2020, St. Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology Department of Computer Science and Engineering Kerala-686579, India, pp. 818-823. Kottayam, Proceedings on SSRN Elsevier.
Ramachandran. R.,Dr. K. Arutchelvan, Optimized Version of Tree based Support Vector Machine for Named Entity Recognition in Medical Literature, 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS 2020)., Dec 3-5, 2020, SCAD Institute Of Technology, Palladam, India., pp. 357-361. Palladam, IEEE.