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I - Selected Department Activities

  • Class rooms are supervised with the help of class teachers and student representatives in order to maintaining cleanliness and discipline throughout the year.
  • A separate committee which includes Teaching staff, supporting staff and students works in the official hours and weekend for taking stocks and cleaning and also      compartmentalizing the books on the basis of major topics
  • Students support is also used for conducting specialized programmes like Weekly Meetings, Quiz Programmes etc.,
  • Fluency Classes and grammatical Coaching classes are conducted periodically for making students enable to attend job opportunities
  • Every year different kinds of sport activities are conducted for enthusing the student community in extracurricular activities. Department of Physical Education and Sport      Sciences are being utilized. Moreover on festival occasions local sports are organized.
  • Endowment and Special Lectures are also conducted by the department on the resent topics and burning issues at National and International level
  • Peaceful and conducive atmosphere is maintained in the library for effective use by the students.
  • Dailies and fortnightly magazines are subscribed and utilized and also preserved for record purpose







    II- Selected Department Activities

    11. Extension Activities
    (1) During 1990-2000
       In 1994, an Election Commission-funded Voter Awareness Campaign was conducted in four villages of cuddalore district. Students were involved in the campaign.
       During 1995-98, several extension programmes were organized by the Department, in villages in and around Annamalai Nagar. This was as part of curriculum for M.A.,(CBCS) and M.A., (Integrated) programmes
    (2) During 2000-2006
       Apart from this extension activities linked to the curricula the department has, under the auspicious of the UGC supported Center for Gandhian Studies under taken during 2000 – 2004, numerous activities. The focus:
    Civic Education
    Sanitation Awareness
    Voter Awareness
    Youth Development Programmes
    Training of Village Panchayat President
    Training Programme for Village Panchayat Presidents.
    302 participants from Cuddalore and Thanjavur districts participated in the programme
    Youth Self Development Training Camps were conducted from 2001 to 2004
    i) To enable the youth develop their self
    ii) To high light self-employment development aspects
    iii) To help youth start their own small industries
    i) To create awareness among rural youth regarding self development
    ii) The possibilities for building the better future for themselves and for the nation.
    iii) To inculcate in youth a desire for self-employment.
    i) Self Development of Rural Youth
    ii) To high light the aspects of self-employment.
    iii) To motivate youth for starting their own small industries.
    Village Adoption.
    Name of the Village: Tharasur
    To make the students visit the village periodically.
    To impart the villagers Civic education, Health care and awareness.
    To develop the village totally based on the principles of self-reliance and self-help.
    Competitions like Essay writing, Elocution, Quiz were conducted for School, College and University students from 2001 to 2004 with the theme of Gandhian thought
    List of Extension Activities: NSS/NCC/Red Ribbon Club/YRC/etc.
    NSS Activities
  • NSS Unit – XXVIII of the Dept. of Political Science was inaugurated in the year 2007-2008 with general Orientation Programme. The Inaugural function was presided over by Dr.N.Swaminathan and Dr.B.Krishnamurthy Prof. of Pol.Sci delivered felicitation address. Dr.T.R.Jayaraaj the Programme Co-ordinator of the NSS Annamalai University provided the concept and importance of NSS. Dr.P.Sakthivel, Reader in Pol.Sci. was appointed as Programme Officer for the unit. Nearly 70 students of the department registered their name in the unit.
  • NSS Annamalai University organized Coastal Cleanup Day rally, on the occasion of International Coastal Environment Clean up Day, on 18 Sep. 2007. Programme Officer, Dr.P.Sakthivel, Reader in Pol.Sci. along with 10 students participated in the rally. Certificates were also given to the students.
  • 2008
  • Students from the department have been participating various activities of the NSS, Annamalai University, including NSS village camp programme since 2008 to till date.
  • Two volunteers of the NSS Unit-28 donated blood in the Blood Donation Camp organized by the RMMCH, Annamalai University on 15th October,2009.
    Elocution Competition on Breastfeeding by NSS, Annamalai University
  • Mr. B. Anbu , Student of II year M.A. Political Science (CBCS) won the third prize in the Elocution competition on the title ‘ Importance of Breastfeeding’ conducted by the NSS, AU. Recording Breastfeeding week on 03.08.2009.
    Sensitization Programme for Rural Women
  • The Department of Political Science had Received Rs.2.38 Lakh from the UGC for conducting 7 Day “Sensitization Programme for Rural Women under the scheme of Human Rights Norms and Values”10-16 Nov. 2009.
    Youth Parliament : 2010-2011
  • The Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Annamalai University organized and conducted the Final Level Competition of the 10th National Youth Parliament Competition for Universities, 2010-11 coordinated by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India, on 25.08.2011 at 10.00 am in the Senate Hall of Annamalai University. The Competition was inaugurated by Dr. Ramanathan, Vice-Chancellor, Annamalai University. Dr. D. Selvaraju, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Dr. P. Sakthivel, Associate Professor and Head i/c offered felicitations. The Coordinator for Youth Parliament Programme, Mr. S. Sivarajan, Assistant Professor of Political Science welcomed the gathering. Dr. J. Subramaniyan, Assistant Professor of Political Science proposed vote of thanks. High Authorities and academicians from Annamalai University gathered to watch the competition. More than 50 students from various departments of Annamalai University performed the Model Parliament. The performance was assessed by three judges, Mr. A.Murugesan, Ex.MP, Dr. G. Vanangamudi, HOD, PG and Research Department of Chemistry and Mr. A. Manoharan, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi and six students were awarded individual prizes for their best performance.

  • In the year 2012 students of Political Science and Public Administration have participated in the Village Camp organized by NSS, Annamalai University at Keerapalayam.
  • In the year 2013 students of Political Science and Public Administration have participated in the Village Camp organized by NSS, Annamalai University at C.Melavanniur