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Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Marine Sciences

 Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.Voc. Aquaculture (Regulation 2019-20)
 M.Sc. Ocean Science and Technology Integrated (Regulation 2019-20)
 M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture (CBCS) (Regulation 2019-20)
 M.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography (CBCS) (Regulation 2019-20)
 M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology (CBCS) (Regulation 2019-20)
 Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) (Regulation 2018-19)
 B.Voc. Aquaculture (Regulation 2018-19)
 M.Sc. Ocean Science and Technology Integrated (Regulation 2018-19)
 M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture (CBCS) (Regulation 2018-19)
 M.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography (CBCS) (Regulation 2018-19)
 M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology (CBCS) (Regulation 2018-19)
 Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) (Regulation 2017-18)
 M.Sc. Ocean Science and Technology Integrated (Regulation 2017-18)
 M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture (CBCS) (Regulation 2017-18)
 M.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography (CBCS) (Regulation 2017-18)
 M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology (CBCS) (Regulation 2017-18)
 Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) (Regulation 2016-17)
 M.Sc. Ocean Science and Technology Integrated (Regulation 2016-17)
 M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture (CBCS) (Regulation 2016-17)
 M.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography (CBCS) (Regulation 2016-17)
 M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology (CBCS) (Regulation 2016-17)
 Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc.) (Regulation 2015-16)
 M.Sc. Ocean Science and Technology Integrated (Regulation 2015-16)
 M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture (CBCS) (Regulation 2015-16)
 M.Sc. Marine Biology and Oceanography (CBCS) (Regulation 2015-16)
 M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology (CBCS) (Regulation 2015-16)

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Fine Arts

 B.F.A Dance Tamil (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Dance English (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Dance English (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A (Veena, Violin & Flute) Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A (Veena, Violin & Flute) English (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Mirudhangam Tamil (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Mirudhangam Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Mirudhangam English (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Mirudhangam English (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Nagaswaram Tamil (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Nagaswaram Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Nagaswaram English (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Nagaswaram English (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Thavil Tamil (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Thavil Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Thavil English (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Thavil English (Regulation 2019-20)
 B.F.A Vocal Tamil (Regulation 2015-16)
 B.F.A Vocal English (Regulation 205-16)
 Diploma in Nattuvangam Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 Diploma in Nattuvangam English (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isai Chelvamani Mridangam Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isai Chelvamani Nagaswaram Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isai Chelvamani Thavil Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isai Chelvamani (Vocal_Veenai_Violin_Flute) Tamil (Regulation 2019-20)
 Teachers Training Certificate (T.T.C) (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isaikalaimani(vocal,veenai,violin,flute) (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isaikalaimani Mridangam (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isaikalaimani Nageswaram (Regulation 2019-20)
 Isaikalaimani Thavil(Regulation 2019-20)
 Nattiyakalaimani (Regulation 2019-20)
 Thevara Isaikalaimani (Regulation 2019-20)